Apple hopes to save sinking iPad

quicksand1Apple thinks that it can save its flagging iPad sales by talking up a new model which is nearly twice the size of anything else out there.

Apparently the fruity cargo cult is expecting its fanboys to choose one of two 12 inch iPads.  Jobs’ Mob is also planning two new features for its iPads – a split screen which will make a tablet like two phablets running side by side (hooray) and support for multi-user logins so that if an Apple fanboy gets a friend he can give them access to his Coldplay collection.

The split-screen applications feature, however, could be introduced at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference next month. The side-by-side feature for iOS 9 would be shown using currently available iPad models. When split, the screen could display two apps side-by-side or multiple views of the same app.

Of course the feature could still be pulled before next month’s conference or may be held back until the 12-inch tablet is announced.

No one knows when the 12 inch tablet will hit the shops – if it ever does. Apple is unlikely to release it unless the Tame Apple Press can whip up enough of a frenzy for people to buy it.  It will be a hard sell. While a tablet might be nice, most people have woken up to the fact that a keyboardless netbook is one of the most useless things to buy since someone thought square hula-hoops were a good idea.