Apple hates Australian users

crocodile dundeeFruity cargo cult Apple has declared war on its unfortunate Australian customers and demanding from them  a huge premium to use its walled garden of delights.

Overnight Apple jacked up the price of apps in its app store so that everything cost up to 50 per cent more for Australian users making it a clear form of electronic apartheid.

US Price – Old Oz Price – New OZ  Price
$1.00              $1.29                 $1.49
$2.00              $2.49                 $2.99
$3.00             $3.79                  $4.49
$4.00             $4.99                  $5.99
$5.00             $6.49                  $7.99

Apple claims that the move is because of the falling Australian dollar, but with the price changes that Jobs’ Mob recently bought in already the price of Apps already matched the currency.

The Australian dollar only trades at 70c against the U.S. – or 30 percent lower which means the prices were right.

There are several explanations as to why Apple is singling out Australian users. The most obvious is that it does not like them that much. After all the drongos actually queued up in the Ozzie heat to buy the iPhone 6S recently so clearly such stupid brand loyal deserves a kick to the Billabongs.

What is more likely is Apple is attacking the Australian government for daring to question its previous price gouging behaviour. The Aussie government noticed that Jobs’ Mob was making its customers pay over the odds for hardware and demanded that it drop the price so that it remained at least similar to what it charged its US customers.

Apple claimed it had to increase its already inflated prices in Australian because the phones had just a long way to travel. That would be fine but, given the phones are made in China it should be cheaper to ship them to Australia than it is to send them to the UK.

Clearly unable to gouge the price of the hardware, Apple is insisting that Australians pay more for software which has no shipping cost at all.

In a sane Australia, a company that treated its customers in such a shonky way would be boycotted to oblivion, which is a small town outside Alice Springs. But Australia has gone a bit mental lately and it seems that satisfying itself with shiny expensive consumer goods is a substitute for doing the right thing over issues like boat-people and refugees.

So we guess if you are going to treat the world in an unfair dinkum way, it is only fair that others treat you in the same way.