Apple has another bash at flogging iPhone to China

Apple is having another try at getting its iPhone into the huge Chinese market by using a previously unknown tactic of bending to local laws rather than telling the government what to do.

Last year the iPhone was launched in China to a huge yawn from the discerning workers who failed to see what the fuss was all about.

Part of the problem was that the iPhone did not work on wi-fi networks thanks to Apple refusing to adopt a Chinese standard which had not sprung fully formed from the mind of Steve Jobs. Although it could have easily used the standard, Apple managed to spin the story so that it appeared that Chinese “regulations” had stopped the use of wi-fi iPhones in China rather than its own intractability.

Jobs’ Mob policy effectively killed off the iPhone in China as it was overpriced and shipped with less functions than clones or greyware. It also left China Unicom with a lot of iPhone’s sitting in its warehouses unused.

China Unicom is apparently working with Apple to introduce iPhones with wi-fi wireless Internet capability to China.

Unicom Chief Executive Chang Xiaobing told the Wall Street Journal  it looks like Apple has been forced to bend if it wants to shift any if its expensive toy phones in China.

He said that Apple has redesigned the iPhone, which normally uses the Wi-Fi standard so it uses the Chinese wi-fi standard, WAPI.

The Chinese iPhone will use both wi-fi and WAPI.

It seems that Apple has finally learnt that not everyone will roll over and do what it is told and if a Chinese dragon tells you it wants a standard under the bonnet, it is usually a good idea to do what you are told.