Apple giving ad leaders a kicking

Analysts claim that Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo losing ground to independent ad people and Apple.

While the likes of Jumptap and Millennial Media are gaining market share, the press seems to be more interested that Jobs’ Mob’s iAd is making its fruity presence felt.

According to IDC, Apple will end the year with 21 percent of the market. Google’s share will drop to 21 percent, from 27 percent last year. Microsoft will drop to 7 percent, from 10 percent.

Google and Microsoft will be glum as they have been spending a fortune on their online advert businesses.

Both have been upgrading ad software and buying businesses to grab a larger chunk of mobile advertising.

IDC said that business might double in the U.S., to almost $500 million in 2010, IDC said.

Apple gained a presence in January when it bought Quattro Wireless, which had 9 percent of the market in 2009, IDC said.

Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs announced the iAd network in April and launched it in July.

Apple said that by sticking a Jobs’ Mob badge on the service the number of brands that have agreed to run ads through Apple’s iAd network has doubled.

Last month Apple said it had $60 million in iAd commitments from marketers, including food and personal-care product maker Unilever, electronics retailer Best Buy, and satellite-television service provider DirecTV.

Google claims its mobile ad sales are experiencing fast growth, but it is not providing break out figures. However it says that if it is losing market share, the market is growing faster than anything anyone has ever seen.

Yet for all that it seems Apple is not happy with how well it has done. Jobs told the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June that iAd would grab almost half of all projected U.S. mobile ad spending in the second half of this year.

However to do that Apple would have to provide services that the others do not. For example you cannot target your adverts to specific devices, which you can with AdMob.

But Apple and Goolge have to beware of the smaller rivals. Jumptap may see its share jump to 13 percent this year, from 10 percent in 2009. And Millennial Media may climb to 11 percent, from 9 percent.

Both are seen as pure advertising outfits which are not tied to specific hardware.