Apple gives up on free rubber band

Peddler of broken iDreams, Steve Jobs has given up on his plan to give iPhone 4 users a rubber band to fix their broken-by-design iPhone 4 and is reverting to his cunning plan of denying that there is a problem.

The official statement is that the problem of dropped calls was “not as bad as we thought” and there is no longer the need to issue the embarrassing fix.

Apple said it will end its free iPhone case giveaway at the end of September as was orginally planned.

However Jobs’ Mob added that it will continue to provide a free case to the “small percentage of iPhone 4 users” who need one.

In other words it is all spin. Apple is continuing to issue cases to prevent it being sued by users for flogging a phone that is not fit for purpose. At the same time it is continuing the original PR line that there never was a problem with the poorly designed phone.

At the time Jobs’ Mob claimed that every smartphone in the known world shared the same problem. In other words it dropped its connection when you tried to use it. Of course Jobs’ rivals denied that.

Since then Apple has been trying to spin its way out of antennae-gate. Since Apple has not fixed the problem, stopping the rubber band fix gives the impression that it actually has, or that it was never a real problem in the first place.

Only in the nature of spin it is actually continuing to offer the rubber band to “those who need it”. This means that anyone who has a problem is “in a minority” and can claim their free rubber band. Even if everyone has to claim the rubber band it does not matter. Apple can still flog its broken phone using a cheap fix and the perception will be that it was brilliantly designed by Steve Jobs. Instead of a broken gizmo that needs a rubber band to work in every case.

What is scary is that this piece of spin will work. There is a huge problem in the minds of people that Jobs could actually have ever flogged them a broken bit of gear. In their universe Apple sells good expensive gizmos and they would prefer to forget antennae-gate as much as Apple does.