Apple gets kicking behind the bamboo curtain

While Apple rules the US with its Walled Garden of Delights, it is not doing so well behind the Great Wall of China.

Apple’s share of China’s smartphone market has managed to halve in the last quarter to 10 percent. While the Tame Apple press is trying to claim that this is because buyers are waiting for the iPhone 5 it is more likely that customers are switching brands.

The iPhone 4S is basically the iPhone 4 and Chinese users are not going to sell a kidney to get one when the Samsung Galaxy is cheaper and much better. Lenovo is producing phones which are also much cheaper.

The figures come from industry research firm IDC, which show that smartphone shipments in China overtook feature phones for the first time in April-June.

Lenovo knocked Apple from second place in one of the world’s largest mobile markets.

China’s smartphone shipments totalled 44 million in April-June, accounting for 51 percent of the country’s total mobile shipments of 87 million.

Samsung is the leader with a share of 16 percent and Lenovo has been doing really well with its LePhone and has 11 percent market share in China in the second quarter, up from a single-digit percentage in the first quarter when it was ranked seventh.

China is set to overtake the United States as the world’s largest smartphone market this year so if the iPhone 5 cannot make a dent in the market in the coming months, Apple could be in trouble.