Apple gamble nod means mobile betting really takes off

Have you ever been to a betting shop? They’re terrifying. We guess that’s why online gambling has paid off, that and the convenience of depositing a tenner or more in a couple of clicks – it’s fast bankruptcy. Juniper Research reckons mobile gambling is doing very well, too. An app store push has resulted in the mobile dogs pundit userbase sailing past two million.

Smartphone adoption is a driver in the resurgent European gambling sector – numbers are expected to grow by just over 60 percent in this year alone. Two million customers in Europe are now using mobile to place their bets following Apple’s decision to allow native apps like BetFair and Paddy Power onto the app store.

Adoption particularly took off during the World Cup with Ladbrokes alone taking 100,000 mobile bets.

The mobile market, globally, is expected to really pick up when the US launches lottery services during 2011 and onwards. Most mobile gambling came from the iPAT service in Japan.

As smartphones are only on the up and up Juniper forecasts more people will be throwing their dosh down the drain by way of accumulators and horses. As if paying £40 a month for the pleasure wasn’t enough. 

Report author Dr Windsor Holden said:”The last twelve months or so have provided optimal growth conditions for mobile gambling services. With the growth in consumer smartphone adoption, mobile users are becoming far more comfortable with m-commerce in general, and gambling companies are benefiting from this greater affinity.”