Apple founder says Google phone great

Apple founder Steve Wozniak has been branded a heretic and is about to be burnt at the stake by an inquisition of fanbois after he dared to say that the Google phone is his favourite gadget.

Apple fangirl Rosa Golijan penned in Gizmodo that the Dancing Queen had ‘broken her iPhone-powered  heart’ in making the claim that his favorite gadget is Google’s Nexus One.

Woz bought an iPhone right when it first came out and it’s perfectly OK that he picked up a Nexus One right on its release day, too. But apparently this is a different thing from proclaiming the Google device as his favourite gadget? Ouch. She said.

The fanbois at the site ripped into poor Woz claiming that it was all sour grapes because Apple had managed to be a success without him

Steve shot back a reply from his iPhone saying that while the Nexus One was his favourite gadget, the iPhone was his favourite phone. Just so everyone knows.