Apple forks out $11 to Nokia for every iOS device

Following Nokia’s patent win against Apple where it must pay the former rubber boot maker some dosh per unit of an iOS device sold, industry rumours are beginning to surface about how much money Jobs will have to fork out.

The number doing the rounds is $11 per iOS unit sold. That’s including back royalties as well as running royalties from the future. 

Our source tells us it’s unconfirmed as yet, but it would fit in nicely with rumours about other licensing deals – as well as what is known about some other, unnamed companies’ terms and conditions.

According to this pro-Apple WWDC yarn, there have been over 200 million iOS devices sold since 2007. We’re no good at maths but if the figures ring true, that’s a lot of moolah. Couldn’t be – could it? 

*EyeSee Back at Mobile World Congress in February, Swingin’ Steve Elop confirmed to TechEye that the acquisition Microsoft and Nokia partnership saw patents heavily considered right from the start.