Apple forced to defend stupid headphone decision

Man uses an ear trumpetFruity tax dodger Apple might have been surprised by the backlash that its move to replace headphone jacks has caused.

For those who came in late, Apple’s iPhone 7 phone came without a standard headphone jack.  Instead it had a Bluetooth connection which wirelesses sends its signal to wireless headphone buds.

The reason was that Apple could make its phone a little thinner and it would force all its Apple fanboys to buy new headphones.

Of course Apple is not spinning it that way.  During the iPhone 7’s launch it said Apple said was being “courageous”.  We understand that it is courageous giving people a phone which has limited reasons for anyone to upgrade but saddling it with functionality that no one wants. Courageous is one word “stupid” is another.

Apple Senior VP Phil Schiller claimed that the 3.5mm port, on the other hand, has to go because the company can’t justify the continued use of an “ancient” single-use port.

However, the wireless approach comes with some limits. For a start you will need to recharge the buggers which you don’t with the “ancient” technology.  We have grave doubts that the sound quality will be as good because it relies on a wireless connection going into lower quality headphone receivers.

Needless to say Apple’s spin is not going down that well.

As the normally pro-Apple rag the Verge said: “I was not ready for the revenge of the fucking Bluetooth headset… Don’t kill a good thing if you don’t have a better one waiting, Apple. That’s all I ask.”