Apple followers have difficulty coping with Android's fame

Fanzine Apple Insider appears to be having a little difficulty when it comes to the fact that Apple is slowly losing the mobile operating system wars to Android.

Faced with web analytics statistics that say that Android is kicking the Apple OS’s bottom, Apple Insider elected to say the complete opposite to keep the reality distortion field going. 

In this article it admitted that the Android ecosystem combined is “slightly ahead of Apple’s iPhone 4”.

However, Android continues to be outpaced by Apple’s iOS, largely due to the rapid growth of the iPad. What you look at when you see these figures is not market share, but the fact that Apple is leading in both mobile browsing and app sales.

In a “never mind the quality, feel the width argument” Apple Insider claims the figures refute recent reports that claim Android is displacing iOS.

And all those reports that Android platform has passed the iPhone 4 in both installed base and growth, Apple Insider reasons that Android stats are for the total platform while iOS stats are broken out into three categories, iPhone, iPad and iPod.  

It says that Android has never passed the iOS on its widest field. However, then you would also have to include the Mac market in the figures, and you would not be looking at mobile figures.

Of course it has to admit that no one is buying iPods any more so it has lost market share, but then the iPad is doing better. 

However, what about the StatCounter Mobile survey which indicates that Apple’s iPhone has lost web browser share since the end of 2008 ? Um, says Apple Insider, if you look closer at those figures you will see that Mobile Safari has grown from third place to be second behind Opera Mini in two years.

Apple Insider smugly says that Android’s browser has never come close to exceeding the iPhone browser use,even if you include iPod Touch or iPad users. There are several holes in this argument. Among other things, Android is not locked into a browser. All those Opera Mini figures could just as well be Android.

The Opera Mini runs on Macs too.

So, Apple Insider’s attempt to make you think that browser share is an indication of the popularity of an OS is silly. Apple Insider insists that Job’s Mob reversed its downward trend last summer, when the iPhone4 launched, and it was slowly growing with the iPad.

Again, Apple Insider has a reality problem because it has told the world that the iPhone 4 sales were really good. But it has forgotten that does not mean that Android sales weren’t better. In seeing it as competition between Apple and Android, Apple followers are missing the bigger picture.  

Symbian is dying and filling that void is Android. Apple could not, nor would it want, the customers who ran Symbian. Apple is a “value add” outfit. Symbian is a “getting the phone running” business. Then Apple Insider trots out the mantra that  iOS must be more successful because the App Store revenue growth is eleven times greater than Android Market in 2010.  

It asks you to believe that the success of an operating system is dictated by the number of iFart applications you can buy.  Quantity does not mean quality, nor does it mean that any of these applications are being used.  If a purge was done of Apps which had not been downloaded for a while, you would see the Apple App Store shrink dramatically. Apple also has the advantage of being on the ground longer than Android.

The rest of the article is dedicated to re-assuring followers of Apple that really they are onto a winner, but it does sound a bit like a quick rousing chorus of “Deutschland” in the Berlin Bunker.

In the face of overwhelming evidence and logic, dedicated followers of Apple need to face-up to the fact that they are not going to be the number one mobile operating system.

Instead of thinking that matters and arguing that black is white, they should be happy that they are going to have a significant market share in a much larger market. As Symbian dies the real winner will be Android and there is nothing that the tame Apple press can do to change that.