Apple fanboys trading up to Samsung

It seems that Apple might have been a little late in getting its latest model into the shops.

The release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 has seen a sudden spike in the number of Apple fans trying to offload their iPhones to get their paws on the new Samsung.

A week ago, the Samsung Galaxy S5 was made available in 125 countries around the world and in the UK at least the availability of the new smartphone saw a rapid increase of iPhone devices being traded in.

According the trade in website CompareMyMobile, 38 percent of consumers getting the Galaxy S5 were former iPhone owners, and the website saw a 210 percent rise in customers trading in their iPhone 4S for the new device from Samsung.

Other handsets being traded in for the Galaxy S5 in big numbers included the iPhone 5S and the Galaxy S3.

To be fair, the Apple iPhone 4S being traded has been around since October 4, 2011 and it is known as the phone that was released the day before Steve Jobs’ death. The iPhone 5S was Jobs’ Mob’s attempt to release a cheaper phone and it did not really work.

In other words, the trade-ins are not for Apple’s latest flagship phone, but are older Apple products from people who failed to follow the Apple creed of upgrading each year. Apple would probably say that since these people are heretics anyway it does not really matter that they fall by the wayside and go to the devil Samsung.