Apple fanboys sack staff photographers

In another decision which is proof that Apple fanboys should never be given control of the budget, the Chicago Sun-Times has fired all of its photographers.

The Apple fanboys in control of the organ think that reporters with iPhones can do the job of professional photographers much better.

The newspaper’s entire photography staff of 28 people are to get the boot while its reporting staff receive “iPhone photography basics” training to start producing their own photos and videos.

According to the Cult of Mac, the move is part of a growing trend towards publications using the iPhone as a replacement for fancy, expensive DSLRs.

It follows what is seen as the success of Time magazine which used its iPhone hacks to take snaps of photos on the field and upload to the publication’s Instagram account. Even the photo used on the cover issue of Time was taken on an iPhone.

Sun-Times photographer Alex Garcia points out that the “idea that freelancers and reporters could replace a photo staff with iPhones is idiotic at worst, and hopelessly uninformed at best”.

We guess that is the sort of logic the management does not really understand. While some events can be snapped on a mobile phone, in the same way that they could be on an old instamatic camera, the quality can not, at present, match professional equipment with a pro behind the lens. For a smartphone camera to be any use, you have to be up close and right in the middle of it all.

For some events that is just impossible – so now we will have generation or two of newspapers running photos of people with their heads cut off, picking their noses, or scratching their bums.

Anyone who thinks an Apple camera can take better snaps than an even a basic SLR camera has never used one. And any Apple fanboy who thinks they can take photos better than a professional snapper just because they have an expensive toy from Jobs’ Mob needs counselling.  These were not taken on an iPhone.