Apple fanboy busted in iPad for drugs deal

An Apple fanboy convinced by the marketing that the iPad was everything he would ever need decided that the best way forward was to sell something important.

According to AZ Family Jacob Walker, 20, decided that the only way forward was to flog his treasured iPhone on Craig’s List along with his dope collection to act as a sweetener.

Just to make sure that the deal went ahead he stuck a picture of the iPhone and his dope collection to draw a bit of sales interest.

Walker was a little surprised when the people who called about the advert happened to be Inspector Knacker of the Gilbert Yard who were not really interested in the Jobs’ Mob gadget. After all it had already been replaced by the 4G model.

Gilbert policeman Sgt. Mark Marinoset up a meeting for Wednesday at Val Vista and Warner roads.

Marino said Walker arrived at the location with the items and gave the dope to an undercover detective. He was arrested.

Last we heard, the Joint, as it is called across the pond, did not have Wi-Fi access so chances are Walker would never get to use his iPad anyway.