Apple experts accused of cooking the Samsung books

Apple has been overstating Samsung’s profit margins in a bid to gouge Samsung for damages, a court was told.

A high profile court hearing in the US heard how Jobs’ Mob court experts had been a little economical with the truth claiming that Samsung had a huge profit margin.

Michael Wagner, the bloke from accountants said Samsung’s  only  had a 12 percent profit margin and the company only made about $519 million.

Apple’s Terry Musika insisted that the margin was closer to 35.5 percent. Based on that figure Apple wants $2.5 billion in damages.

Wagner said that Musika did not take into account many of Samsung’s costs and forgot about little things like marketing.

To make matters worse Apple forgot to mention the value of Samsung’s patents which other experts valued at $421.8 million.

This was part of the testimony on Thursday and focused on how much Apple should pay if the jury finds that Apple violated Samsung’s patents.

One expert said a reasonable royalty for three of Samsung’s feature patents, including one for emailing a photo, was just $22.8 million.

He said that this figure was small because each of them were just one of many features on the phone and the price tag was reasonable.

Samsung’s wireless patents in the case were worth up to $399 million, but Samsung admitted that the company had not received cash for its wireless patents from another company.

There are signs that Judge Lucy Koh’s patence with Apple and Samsung is wearing thin.

Yesterday she blasted Jobs’ Mob for after she got a 75-page briefing. The document covered 22 potential rebuttal witnesses the company might want to call after Samsung finishes presenting its case.

Koh said that Apple would not present her with such a lengthy document. “Unless you’re smoking crack you know these witnesses aren’t going to be called!”

Apple attorney William Lee insisted that he was not smoking crack. He did agree to cut the document down a bit. He thought he could run through all of its witnesses in the time it has remaining. Jacobs also pointed out that some of those addressed in the document were Samsung’s witnesses, not Apple’s.

Koh’s fumed earlier this week when Apple said it wanted to bring in designer Susan Kare for a round of rebuttal testimony. But she could not show up until Monday. Hoh said that unless Kare could testify this week she could stick her testimony somewhere else.