Apple did not invent the iPad

Apple is having a few problems behind the bamboo curtain with officials who refuse to see that it is the saviour of the universe and has an automatic right to win in any court.

Jobs’ Mob briefs dragged a small technology outfit into court claiming that it had profaned the name of the iPad by daring to stick it on products which had not got the blessing of the late Steve Jobs.

The word iPad was invented by Steve Jobs – everyone knew that because Apple said it was true, the Chinese court was told.

However, the lawyer for Proview Technology politely coughed and showed the honourable judges in the Intermediate People’s Court in Shenzhen that it had lawfully registered the iPad trademark in 2000.  This was long before Apple had thought of the iPad.  It should have been aware of this as Proview had released a number of products with that name in several countries including China, you have probably seen them.

The court told Apple to sling its hook and go invent a better name for its gadgets and stop bullying small Chinese companies.

Cupertino  then returned to its chums in the Apple press which ran lots of sympathetic stories about how terrible it was for the outfit trying to make a living behind the bamboo curtain when there were all these trademark problems and counterfeiting going on.

Rather than running a David versus Goliath story the shonky pro-Apple story in Reuters practically accused Proview of being a counterfeiter for daring to prove its case against Apple in court.

Now it seems that Apple will have to come up with a new name for its keyboardless netbook if it wants to flog the iPad in China.

Meanwhile, Proview has decided to take legal action against Apple for $1.5 billion in compensation for copyright infringement.