Apple cuts price of iWatch

Apple watchApple’s “game changing” iWatch is seeing its grossly over-valued price tag slashed as Jobs’ Mob frantically tries to empty its warehouses.

The iWatch arrived late with most of the expected health features missing because Apple could not get them to go. In the end Apple could only shift six million of them, which is basically the number of fan-boys who would buy a dog-turd if it had an Apple logo on it.

What is interesting about the reductions is that they do not apply in Apple stores. It appears that the price cuts come from Apple’s partners who might have been left with a little too many out the back after believing the hype that it was going to be the next iPad.

They need to clear their warehouses before Apple releases the iWatch 2, which while being mooted as a cure for cancer by the Tame Apple Press looks like it will the more or less the same as the iWatch 1 with a slightly improved processor and battery.

Apple has reduced the price of the line by $100. It is still outrageously expensive 38mm, Space Gray Aluminium, Black Sport $249.00:  42mm, Space Grey Aluminium, Black Sport $299.00: 42mm, Space Black Stainless Steel, Black Sport Band $499.00: 38mm, Space Black Stainless Steel, Black Sport Band $449.00.

Currys PC world in the UK has also discounted various Apple Watch models by between £50 and £120.

The new one is expected to broadly disappoint everyone in March which means that Apple might have to reduce the price still further. In fact after the new one comes out it is possible that people will rush to the older model because it will be at a  better price and do more or less the same thing.