Apple cripples 3G phone

Not content with breaking the iPhone 4 by sticking the antenna on the outside, Apple Genius Steve Jobs has decided to break its fully working predecessor the successful 3G model.

It what seems like a desperate plan to stop people going back to their old phones after the iPhone 4 was broken, Steve issued a software update which breaks the 3G model.

iPhone 3G owners say their handsets are barely usable after Apple pushed out a software update.

The iOS 4.0 update was recently delivered to iPhone 3G users when they connected the device to their computers and they had no choice about whether they installed it.

As a result their phones now regularly lock up and are slower than an asthmatic ant with a heavy load of shopping when it comes to web browsing.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald the update was another disaster for Jobs’ Mob.

It quoted Anthony Agius, founder of the popular Australian MacTalk community website, as saying that the phone is now so slow. Apps don’t run properly. To launch the SMS app for example might take 30 seconds, Safari chugs and the OS freezes.

To make matters worse, Apple blocked people from rolling back the operating system to the days it actually worked.

Agius said that Apple made a bad choice by releasing iOS 4 for the 3G without checking it properly.

The MacTalk forums are seeing large numbers of iPhone 3G owners complaining about the update.

“I’m so pissed off with Apple, my phone was perfect before the update and now I want to smash it,” wrote one user.

Some users moaned that Apple deliberately wrecked their phones so people would be forced to upgrade to the newer models, the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4.

Of course the iPhone 4 is also broken and requires a rubber band to work, so Apple users are really screwed.  The only one that works now is the 3GS model.