Apple continues to stick two fingers up at UK Justice

Apple is continuing to mock British justice for daring to tell it to publish an apology to Samsung.

Apple was told to apologise to Samsung in an advertisement after it lost a court case in which it had claimed Samsung had pinched its ideas. Apple’s apology failed to mention the word sorry and contained some misleading information about the court case situation against Samsung.

Needless to say, a UK Appeals court was not happy with this and told Apple to print a proper apology and stop mucking around.

Apple’s answer to that was something that the military calls dumb insolence.

Apple has uploaded the statement with some JavaScript code that resizes the homepage’s central iPad Mini image and pushes the apology statement below the “fold” of the page.

This means that casual visitors to the Apple UK homepage, who are unlikely to scroll down the page, won’t see the apology.

Apple has only said sorry on its UK homepage. The US page is sized and spaced as normal.

Apple insisted that its programming geniuses would take weeks to build the code for a proper apology. The appeals court gave them 48 hours.

Our guess is that Apple thinks that if the court gets cross about the apology being formatted off the screen, it will just say that it warned the court that it did not have the time to fix it.

We do not think the courts are that stupid. For a start they will wonder why Apple spent all that time putting in faulty Javascript code when all they needed to do was type something into the CMS.

It appears that the only way Apple will come to understand that there is a law outside its reality distortion field is if the judges jail Apple executives for contempt until they stop taking the Nintendo.