"Apple China" markets gas stove "iPhone"

While Apple seems to be spending its time wading into clones of its shiny toys, it might be concerned that manufacturers are looking at new ways to jump on the back of Apple’s success.

In China, where people will sell their kidneys to get an iPod, one manufacturer has got into hot water with the authorities for releasing a product that it is fair to say even the genius Steve Jobs would never have dreamed up.

The factory in Wuhan, China has started churning out iPhones with an Apple logo on them. But these are not your normal knock-offs.

According to Sina, the iPhones are actually a gas stove and are being sold by an outfit called Apple China. Bacon and eggs? There is an app for that.

What Apple China has failed to understand is that to get Apple fanboys queuing around the corner for you product, you need to do a little more than slap a logo on it and claim it is a phone.

It is not really a problem if your version of the iPhone can’t make a phone call. The iPhone 4 often could not make phone calls either. But in the case of the Chinese model, if you try to use a gas stove to make a phone call you might find yourself choking to death.

Needless to say that this particular iPhone operation is being shut down by the Chinese authorities.