Apple buys up 200 wireless patents

Fruity cargo cult Apple had got the pundits speculating after it wrote a  large cheque to buy more than 200 wireless patents from Freescale.

When we visited the site Patently-O it failed to provide us with the content that we expected and turned out to be a site dedicated to who was buying which patent.

It says that Jobs’ Mob received an “assignment of assignors interest” to the patents. It means that Apple would be protected against others who might later claim rights to the patent.

Patently-O cracked its whip, but did not mention if Apple would actually hold title rights to the patents themselves.

The list of patents and patent application covers a number of wireless technologies which could all be used in the iPhone, the iPad, or the iPod touch.

Patently-O is fairly certain that Jobs Mob bought the patents to the rights just in case anyone sued it in the future. Apple is sitting on a lot of cash at the moment and since it is not prepared to invest in noble causes, like freeing the world from the mosquito or the Nick Farrell pension fund, it makes sense to buy a bit of patent insurance for the future.

Of course it could also be thinking that if the bottom ever drops out of this gizmo fad, it could still do a Rambus and make a fortune.

Freescale has a bit of cash to hand but reported a net loss of $148 million on net sales of $1.19 billion for the first quarter and has taken a hit on its bottom line following the Japan quake and the closing of its Sendai plant.