Apple breaks promise, fails to fix iPhone 4

Peddler of broken dreams, Steve Jobs has been unable to fix a fault on the iPhone 4 as he promised.

The glitch concerns the iPhone 4’s proximity sensor, which is supposed to turn off the display when it is placed against a user’s face but which has not been working.

The big idea was when you held the iPhone 4 to your ear, the screen would turn off so that the keypad was not pressed during calls.

What actually happens is the perfect and well tested phone disconnects your calls and other buttons on the screen are vulnerable to being accidentally pressed. If your call does work then it is full of annoying beeps. Normally it is the caller who is an annoying beep so this problem is worrying.

Last month Steve Jobs acknowledged there was a problem and promised to users that the sensor problem would be fixed in the next software update.

However the update only fixed a security flaw that enabled people to jailbreak their phones and left users suffering.

Apple Australia spokeswoman Fiona Martin told the Sydney Morning Herald  that the company had yet to fix the problem.

It is the second major problem to blight the iPhone 4 but hey, while people are still buying it in droves, why should Apple bother to fix it?