Apple being routed by Android

Jobs’ Mob is being routed from the “very clever” phone market by punters who can’t get enough of open saucy goodness.

While it was known that Android was doing better than the iphone OS, it looks like it is turning into a rout.

Beancounters at Quantcast have been adding up the numbers based on the web consumption attributable to the manufacturers of mobile devices.

 “While the biggest player by far is Apple’s iPhone OS, the biggest winner is clearly Google’s Android,” the report said.

Android continues to capture more share, and if the recent launch of the HTC Incredible on Verizon and Sprint’s HTC Evo 4G is anything to go by, Android will continue to rapidly gain share.

 What is alarming for Apple  is that Android’s growth is entirely at its expense. It also does not seem to have been stopped by the iPad either.

The iPad should have increased the number of hits onto the web using the OS. However it seems that if the iPhone OS is losing ground it means that despite increased sales of gismos, either Android sales are going up, or iPhone users are not using the gear much.

It might also be that people are losing interest in Jobs’ Mob’s walled garden and might be wanting to have a little thing called freedom.  The iPhone is starting to look a bit old hat now anyway.