Apple beats customers in court case

Jobs’ Mob has won a court battle against its customers who dared to say that the fruity toymaker was stealing their data.

The case related to iPhonegate where it was revealed that Apple gizmos were phoning home data on user locations. This made it possible to track which basement the Apple fanboy was sitting at the time. Apple denied using the data.

The four plaintiffs claimed that Apple had violated its privacy policy. They said that it had designed its iOS environment to transmit personal information to third parties that collect and analyse such data without user consent or detection.

They claimed that they suffered damages by paying too much money for their iPhones and by losing storage space.

However US District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, California dismissed the case saying that the plaintiffs had failed to show they had relied on any company misrepresentations and that they had suffered harm.

In other words, the case was fairly weak. After all everyone pays too much for an iPhone, it is part of the requirement for belonging to the Cult of Apple.

According to ReutersKoh said plaintiffs needed to provide some evidence that they saw one or more of Apple’s alleged misrepresentations, that they actually relied on those misrepresentations, and that they were harmed by it.  Whatever any of that means.