Apple backs down on glass iPhone

When the iPhone 4 was announced, Jobs’ Mob made much of the heavy duty glass that it put on the back of it.

The glass, Apple told us, was stronger than the plastic that had been put on the earlier iPhones. It was also shiny.

Sure enough the Tame Apple Press said it was wonderful and Jobs got another standing ovulation from them when he waved the iPhone 4 before them.

However in the midst of the many things that went wrong with the iPhone 4, including the fact it needed a rubber band to work, cut out when you held it to your ear, and had nasty brown smudges on it, was the glass.

Insurers throughout the world noted that the iPhone 4 was being returned far too often with cracked backs. No doubt this was caused by users dropping them. Apple has remained strangely quiet on the problem, but then again it might have felt a bit daft making cases out of something as fragile as glass no matter how tough they were supposed to be. If a case does not crack, it certainly scratches.

It may have been behind the problem which prevented Apple making a white iPhone.

Now it seems that the iPhone 5 is ditching the dumb idea. According to the Taiwan Economic Daily News Apple will be doing away with the glass back employed on the iPhone 4 and instead will opt for an aluminum casing, much like the original iPhone.

Obviously this is a “report”.

No one will really know what is in Apple’s mind until an engineer leaves one in a bar for us to have a look at. But it does make a lot of sense.

The report also said that the iPhone 5’s antenna will be redesigned and will be located behind the Apple logo on the back. This was a bit of a no-brainer as the iPhone 4’s design was plain stupid.

*EyeSee Below you will see comments from Apple fanboys who will insist that they never had any trouble with cracked backs or useless reception on the iPhone 4. If you are really lucky you might see the odd comment about spelling or grammar as a reason to dismiss an article which is negative about Apple products.