Apple attacks Samsung's trains, planes and automobiles

There are some accusations flying around the web that Apple is using particularly devious legal footwork to put a block on Samsung’s Galaxy tablets and smartphones arriving in Europe.

ZDNet UK reports on an article by the Dutch Webwereld, which claims to have got a peek at Apple’s proposition to ban Galaxy products in the region. According to Webwereld, Apple wants to attack Galaxy devices in the channel, having kindly taken the time to write up a letter for Samsung to send to retailers requesting a complete recall.

Webwereld says Apple is going after Samsung’s logistics wing by including both Samsung Logistics BV and Samsung Overseas BV in the Netherlands filing. 

The long-running intellectual property spat, originally filed by Apple because it claimed Samsung’s rival devices infringed on the look and feel of Cupertino’s, has dominated headlines in the technology sector this Summer. 

It’s a heavily loaded case, because it seems Apple is testing the water with its legal firepower to quash rivals which actually pose the threat of real competition. The court has decided to let Samsung sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the EU, but it’s still banned in Germany

The fall of many ‘great’ empires is fighting too many fronts at once, but Apple feels confident in earning the ire of Motorola, with its Xoom tablet called to the courts over a patent dispute. Motorola’s mobile device unit is on the way to full ownership from Apple’s biggest threat, Google. We shall see if Apple becomes the next Boned-apart.

Meanwhile, Apple is also attacking Taiwanese HTC over its products. The two are locked in another patent dispute, though HTC claims it is ready to fight this one to the bitter end