Apple and Samsung agree to mediation

Apple and Samsung might actually agree to bury the hatchet a few weeks before they go to court to play out their thermonuclear war over software patents.

The two sides have agreed to attend a mediation session to be held on or before February 19, as they prepare to clash in court in March.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung CEO Oh-Hyun Kwon will attend the session with in-house lawyers only, according to a Wednesday court filing. Their legal teams had met on January 6 to “discuss settlement opportunities,” the filing read.

Details of the meeting are sketchy, but it does seem that the two sides really want an end to the somewhat silly court actions which were started by Apple’s temporal and spiritual leader Steve Jobs.

Jobs had a plan to patent troll Samsung out of the market by any legal means possible because he was insulted that Samsung had stolen the idea which he stole from Nokia for a touch screen smartphone.

The war has involved lots of court action across the globe which has ultimately failed to stop either Apple or Samsung making their shiny toys. Apple’s only real win was based around a patent which claimed it invented the rounded rectangle, something which is being appealed.

In the last two years, Apple and Samsung have gone to trial twice in San Jose, California federal court, and juries have awarded Apple a total of roughly $930 million. But that is in America where Jobs’ Mob is seen as a heroic bunch. The company has had less success in Europe.

However, we do not hold out much hope that the two sides will come to an arrangement. It has reached a point where they have been fighting so long that both really have forgotten why. The only winners are the company legal teams, who have no reason to want the war to stop.

However, the fact that it is two high profile leaders meeting does bode well.