Apple agrees to Taiwan app refund

Google continues to flout Taiwanese law, where its Android OS is popular, as its rival in Apple decides not to be the bad guy.

Taipei recently insisted that all iPhone iOS and Android customers are offered a seven-day refund space for dodgy apps.

Google has told the government to bog off but Apple has agreed, according to Taiwan Economic News. The refund will only be available to people who have bought the product through the Taiwan store.

Although there have been some questions concerning the motivation of the consumer law – an election is coming up – law is law is law, but that doesn’t bother Google. The all-powerful do-no-evil mega-company insists to Taipei City that the 15 minute refund window is enough time for all of its users. It certainly seems Ogle is parading its we do what we like ethos.

Apple shares a similar methodology in much of the world, but Taiwan has brought it to book on location data security. 

It has already been fined by Taipei, although the $30,000-ish it had to pay out was probably a drop in the ocean. 

Taiwanese HTC, which is extremely popular on the island, mostly earns its bread from Android handsets.