Antennagate bloke runs to Cisco

The man who may have been behind Apple’s decision to shove an antenna on the outside of the iPhone 4 has been snapped up by Cisco.

Mark Papermaster was the scapegoat for the fiasco which saw Apple peddling a phone which dropped calls if you used it in your left hand.

It was unlikely to be Papermaster who was directly responsible for the fiasco. No-one coughs in Apple without having to notify Steve Jobs and certainly the phone would not have gone out without his approval.

However, lately it has been fashionable in the tame US Apple press to shift blame away from Jobs and onto Papermaster, who is no longer at the company.

Papermaster will oversee the creation of chips for Cisco’s networking switches, an area of the company’s business that accounted for a third of its total revenue in the third quarter.

Papermaster was hired by Apple after a legal row with IBM in 2008.

He will now report to John McCool, the head of the company’s data centre, switching, and services group.

While it means that he will not be involved in a consumer design project, we guess that after being tarred and feathered by the US tradepress for what was essentially Steve Jobs’ mistake, he would prefer a nice quiet data centre for a while.