Another patents row over 2D mobile barcodes

Well the rumour mill is rife in the dark edges of mobile and cellular technology that is 2D barcodes. The word is that UK based Trinity Mobile has successfully defended itself against Edinburgh’s own Mobiqa. Both sides are presently tight lipped over the exact outcome and wouldn’t return calls.

What Techeye has managed to discover is that Mobiqa is very active in the patents game as it possess a patent for ‘Optimisation’ where the 2D barcode is tailored specifically for customers’ handset makes and models. Mobiqa describes itself as, “A private limited company headquartered in Scotland. Mobiqa’s patented barcode technology is available in over 200 countries and dependencies.” Well, they were obviously tightly patented up until now.

The spat first came to a head back in June 2009 when their legal representatives appeared before Mr Justice Floyd of the Patents Court for England and Wales. The action – Mobiqa Ltd vs Trinity Mobile Ltd – was over an infringement/ revocation action involving a system for transmitting barcodes to mobile phones.

The case was promptly sent off to the High Court. According to our sources, Trinity has actually “won” but what that actually remains is a mystery.

The 2D arena is not immune to court cases. Frances’s own Abaxia had a similar legal run-in with the USA’s NeoMedia  over patents in the 2D barcode arena.