Another Apple iPhone 4 catches fire

Maker of expensive toys, Apple, might have to explain why another of its latest gadgets has a nasty habit of turning firestarter on its owners.

Already we had reported how one Iphone 4S exploded on an Aussie flight and proved to be more risky than any cargo load of snakes.

But according to the Sydney Morning Herald, a combustible iPhone 4 has been reported in Brazil as well, where a device plugged in for overnight charging allegedly began emitting smoke and sparks less than a foot from its sleeping owner’s face.

Brazilian media claims that the iPhone’s owner emerged “unscathed but flustered”. After all, he had just paid over the odds for one of the most expensive gadgets available, you don’t expect them to catch fire. If it is an iPhone you expect it to drop calls, crack, or give you a dodgy picture.

And if you think I am exaggerating about what he paid for his little bomb of happiness in Brazil, the 8GB iPhone 4, goes for more than $900 there, without a data plan.

Apparently this flavour of iPhone was not made in China by exhausted workers working for little dosh either. Instead it was made in France, where in 2009 a teenager claimed to have been hit in the eye with a glass splinter when his girlfriend’s iPhone began hissing and its glass screen exploded. It is not clear if the phone started hissing when the bloke suggested she should get something cheaper and androidish.

The Aussie Transport Safety Bureau is investigating the iPhone 4S that began emitting smoke and glowing red aboard a domestic flight to Sydney last weekend. Smoking is banned on flights these days. The tame Apple press insists that the cause of the combustion remains speculative as it could not be cruddy design because it came from Jobs’ Mob which only makes perfect designs.

Apple of course is saying nothing about the problem. However, rumours that Apple is considering hiring the Progeny to do its next marketing video can be safely ruled out.