Android was most discussed OS at MWC 2011

Social media analytics and business intelligence outfit Webtrends has sent us along the brands which were talk of the town at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year.

The winners and losers don’t particularly surprise but seeing them talked about side by side is interesting. 

As far as brands go, Samsung and HTC were fighting with each other on Monday and Tuesday. On Monday Samsung led with positive social media buzz of 32 percent most talked, while on Tuesday HTC took the lead with 30.8 percent. The overall winner, according to Webtrends, was Samsung. Google was the second most buzzed brand overall, not least because of Android – including the free smoothies provided, we guess – and HTC took third spot.

Android was also the most talked about OS, winning with a majority of 55.8 percent. Windows 7, thanks to the Nokia announcements, took about 20 percent. Symbian and Palm were rarely discussed, overall. 

The top three most talked about smartphones were the Samsung Galaxy S II, the LG Optimus 3D and Sony’s Xperia Play. Even though Apple wasn’t out and about at the show, as a company it was still relatively talked about because it won MWC 2011’s best mobile device award. 

Tablet talk took almost the same amount of share as smartphones at a conference that has traditionally been all about handsets. They closed the week with 48 percent of the social media buzz, while handsets took 52 percent. 

Tablet winning products were dominated by the Galaxy Tap 10.1 and LG Optimus 3D, though iPads were spotted all over. Unfortunately for HP, with its interesting Touchpad, it only got 3.4 percent of the share. The Playbook and HTC Flyer were just about level pegging, with roughly 11 percent each.


Christian Howes, at Webtrends, tells TechEye: “My personal highlight of the show was the Spanish Minister of Work presenting the award for the year’s best app – which happened to be Angry Birds.”

*EyeDon’tSee We are working on getting some clearer pictures.