Android users hate Apple users

Apparently the mobile world is split between two tribes who hate each other.

On one side you have the dedicated followers of Apple and the other Android users. According to a study by Business Insider, not since the Roman Empire was damaged by rival chariot racing factions has the world been so polarised.

The Business Insider study seems to indicate that Android users do not so much love their operating system, as much as hate Apple and all who sail in it.

Among more than 2,000 respondents, most would never consider buying an iPhone, for one very simple reason, they “hate Apple.”

Indeed, only 31.2 percent of these Android users would consider buying an iPhone if it “worked better with non-iPhone apps and products.” While 55.7 percent ticked the box that said, “Nothing: I hate Apple.”

Of course others are saying that the survey proves that Android users really love Apple technology and regard it as superior to their own operating system. They are just jealous and pathologically unbalanced Apple haters.

As Cnet puts it, if the majority of Android users won’t buy Apple because of “hate,” then do they secretly believe that the iPhone is actually better than their own phone, but produced by a loathsome company?

That sort of logic is probably why Android users hate Apple so much. It seems too difficult for dedicated followers of Apple to see that someone might like another product and are totally blind to their products’ faults.

Cnet and its ilk have not noticed that the Business Insider report actually says that to most users “platform features” and “platform” are the most important factors when choosing a smartphone. 

But brand wars have been going on for ages now, and the only people who really lose out are the moderators who have to read through the lot – from both sides.