Android sales skyrocketing past BlackBerry, iPhone

The little green robot reigns supreme, with sales of Android phones skyrocketing past those of RIM’s BlackBerry and Apple’s iPhone, yet another sign of a rapidly changing smartphone market.

A report by research firm Nielsen Company showed that many more people in the US bought Android devices than its rivals in a six month period ending in August 2010, nudging it into the number one slot for devices sold.

A massive 32 percent of the market was held by Android, followed by 26 percent for the BlackBerry, and 25 percent for the iPhone. The other 17 percent went to other phones and operating systems which hold a less sway.

The figures for August show a surge in Android sales compared to July when it held 28 percent of the market. Growth between April and July was minimal, only a percent or two.

However, January to April growth was phenomenal, rising from 14 percent to 26 percent due to the launch of a wide range of new Android phones.

The sudden rise in August suggests another leap up the ladder for Android, which may continue into subsequent months. Meanwhile, the BlackBerry has been steadily losing in sales, while the iPhone has been stable or falling from month to month, suggesting that customers are jumping ship to try out Google’s OS.

This is all good news for Android, but it remains in third place for overall smartphones owned, which takes into consideration sales from previous years when Android was only launching. The BlackBerry remains in top position with 31 percent, down from 37 percent earlier this year. The iPhone is second at 28 percent, rising and falling between 27 and 29 percent throughout the year. 

Android is in third place at 19 percent, but unlike its rivals it has been steadily growing, more than doubling its figures from the beginning of the year when it was at 8 percent.

If growth continues along these lines, which analysts are predicting, then Google’s platform will surpass the iPhone and BlackBerry in terms of smartphone ownership as well as sales.

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