Android rules US smartphone market

The latest figures from ComScore show that Android now has dominance of the US smartphone market.

Comscore said that 104 million people in the US own a smartphone – and 50.1 percent of them are based on the Android operating system.

ComScore’s report focused on mobile use for the three months ending in February and is based on a survey of more than 30,000 mobile phone subscribers.

The company found that Google had continued to grow since November, when Android had 46.9 percent of the market share.

Apple’s gear was a long way behind with just 30.2 percent of the smartphone market, followed by RIM which dropped to 13.4 percent.

Other figures will be disappointing to Apple. Its former partner and now sworn enemy Samsung captured 25.6 percent of the market, with LG coming in second at 20.5 percent. 

Of course, it looks like Google’s plan all along was to open up Android to any manufacturer that wanted to use it, swamping the market in share almost by default.

Apple, for its part, has decided to put its trust in being a patent troll and trying to get Android banned from the world markets.