Android propaganda appears at Facebook HQ

Online data harvesting operation Facebook has seen the writing on the wall for Apple – because staffers put it up there itself. Posters have been spotted at Facebook’s California headquarters that urge staff to make the switch to Android.

The posters do not slight Apple’s products, rather acknowledging that Google’s strategy of going open source has turned the mobile battlefield into a numbers game. One has a simple projection chart using IDC statistics showing Android is likely to seriously outpace the iPhone in terms of total users by 2016.

Another poster asks staff if they are “‘Droidfood”, displaying the Android logo standing bemused behind a bowl of dogfood. The idea is that staff should be testing their own product, according to Mashable

Since smartphones began to take off in a big way – with alternatives to the iPhone actually toppling it in the best selling charts – there had been generic criticism that Facebook hadn’t put as much effort into its Android apps as elsewhere.

Facebook also appears to be in an under the table deal with Microsoft, having integrated its Bing maps and translation services into the web app, while Redmond’s Skype buy was also seen as a way to cement its position with Facebook when Google was betting the farm on G+. However, the numbers just aren’t there for Windows Phone to be a useful alliance yet.

Earlier this year, Facebook told its employees that they should switch to Android phones to get a taste for the user experience on the devices.

One of the posters, which appeared on TechCrunch, suggests a little more. Though Facebook wants to be everywhere – and it is – the IDC figures suggest the company understands the importance of targeting the largest long-term market: especially when its bread and butter is gleaming information from its users.