Android makes headway on smartphone OS front

A report from AdMob shows that Android is digging into Symbian’s position in operating system market share, while Apple’s iPhone continues to glow red hot.

The site said that in February the leading smartphone OSes in its network were the iPhone OS, Android and Symbian.  Year on year, Android requests increased from two percent to 24 percent this year, with the top devices being the Motorola Droid, the HTC Dream, the HTC Hero, the HTC Magic and the Motorola Cliq.

Ad requests worldwide show some interesting figures. The US was way ahead of any other country at 7,130,100,210 – representing 50.6 percent of requests, India was second with 5.9 percent of requests, the UK third with 4.2 percent of requests, and Indonesia fourth with 3.7 percent of requests.

The top smartphone in February 2010 was Apple’s iPhone, with 49.5 percent of requests, followed by the Motorola Droid at 7.8 percent, and the three HTC babies. The Blackberry 8300 held ninth place with 1.5 percent of requests, while the Palm Pre represented 1.4 percent of requests.

AdMob figures
(images courtesy AdMob)

In India, Nokia holds practically all the top smartphone slots, but the Apple iPhone is there at number six.