Android grows over 800 percent year-on-year in US

Apple may have the most fervent fanbois but Google’s Android has completely trounced it in the charts, growing a huge 886 percent year-on-year and destroying all other smartphones, growth wise, in the market including RIM’s CrackBerry.

A report from Nielsen and Canalys says that (CNN with pretty charts) Android device shipments over a range of vendors are remarkable. Since HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG all have been getting in on the Google bandwagon it may not come as a huge surprise. 

Apple had the second largest growth with a year-on-year rate of 61.4 percent. It was followed by Symbian at 41.5 percent and RIM at 41 percent. It was bad news for Microsoft which saw itself decay at minus 10.2 percent.

Nokia’s Symbian platform was still most popular with over 27 million shipments in Q2 2010, but Gartner reckons it’s doomed, doomed doomed. Its combined effort with Intel may continue to shake up the smartphone market though. RIM shipped over 11 million, Android 10 million, Apple 8 million and Microsoft three million.

Everything’s been on the up up and up for Android. Apple’s suffered a PR disaster with the iPhone 4 launch and all the complete lies that came with it which has been raising eyebrows all around. And with more developers leaving the Jobsian walled garden to persue life with the little green robot, we can probably expect continued success.

How BlackBerry’s announcement will effect the US smartphone market is anyone’s guess. It could be huge but it probably won’t be an “iPhone killer”. Android devices aren’t “iPhone killers” either – at the end of the day it’s worth keeping in mind that Android as an OS is spread all over and Apple is just one company. 

And is it really better to switch one large company on the way toward a dangerous monopoly for another?