Android gets Pentagon approval

Google’s Android has been given Pentagon approval in a move that should see the US military use the software alongside the more famously encrypted Blackberry.

The Pentagon has approved  a version of Android running on Dell hardware it what has been dubbed as a major setback for Apple’s iPhone.

The military approval is quite specific. Android can only be used on Dell’s hardware running Android 2.2. Dell is now offering Dell Venue which runs on Android 2.2. So, this is the phone which DoD employees can use.

According to Stars & Stripes, Android, developed by Google and other companies, is open source software meaning it can be easily configured by users.

Apparently already doing widespread testing of prototype smartphone-like devices for use in combat.

However attempts to get Apple’s iOS approved by the Pentagon failed completely because of the fact that Apple controlled its platform far too tightly.

Installing third-party security software is not currently possible with iPhones and iPads, the report says.
Using Apple’s iPhone or iOS by government officials is a risk, especially when used by non-American officials. Apple tracks your movement through the built-in GPS chips, Stars and Stripes reported.

Currently, the only widely used smartphone that can officially be used in day-to-day operations on DOD networks is BlackBerry, because it allows encrypted traffic.