Android fragmentation overblown

Android co-founder Rich Miner has dismissed the problem of fragmentation.

Talking to a tech forum hosted by the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council, Miner said the fragmentation problem is getting blown out of proportion. According to Miner, it is impossible to avoid a level of fragmentation with the huge number of Android devices in the wild.

He said that there were 1.5 million Android phones being activated every single day and 900 million devices out in the market. Google is much better at working with manufacturers and carriers who use Android, and regular consumers don’t notice what version of the OS they’re running.

While techies read the blogs and know what features we may be missing, if you asked a consumer, `Do you feel like your phone OS needs to be updated today?’ they’re pretty happy with the results and the performance they’re seeing, he said.

Fragmentation came largely because Google allowed handset manufacturers’ ability to use and tweak Android on their own devices, Xconomy reports. But this was also the key to Android’s growth.

Miner pointed to Google’s fix of a recently identified security flaw as proof that the outfit has become nimble at working with Android handset makers, that is, original equipment manufacturers or OEMs.