Android bug that sends texts to wrong people to be fixed

A major Android bug that sends your text messages to the wrong recipient is set to finally be addressed after lying unfixed for over six months.

The bug was reported on June 28 by a Nexus One user with Android 2.2 installed, with messages sent to the wrong person on multiple occasions. The same user reported that their other Nexus One, running the same build, had not experienced the problem.

The problem was also reported on other devices, including the Motorola Droid and a number of HTC handsets, including the Desire, EVO 4G, Diamond, Droid Incredible, HD2, and Espresso. It mostly affected those running Android 2.2, but some users reported problems with 2.1 also.

At the time the bug was labelled by Google as Medium priority, which angered many people, as this is a serious bug. After nearly 1,500 comments and with over 7,000 people following the bug report Google finally upgraded the issue to Critical priority.

Some of the numerous people who commented on the bug report were accused of trolling, with some said to not even possess an Android phone at all, but regardless of the extent to which this bug affected the Android user base it was serious enough to warrant faster action than Google afforded it.

It was only days ago that Google found a fix for the problem, which will make it into a future update, but until that launches, users will have to grind their teeth as their mother receives a text message meant for their girlfriend or their boyfriend.