Android app randomly takes photos, tweets them to NSA

A Redditor has built an Android app that randomly takes photographs and auto-tweets them to the National Security Agency.

“USA PRISM Plus” lets you select when to tweet random and secretly taken photographs to the NSA.

The description reads: “USA PRISM Plus will randomly, secretly take photos and tweet them, either straight to the National Security Agency, or just to your friends”.

There are options available to limit when the photos are taken and exactly what is tweeted.

App user Tom Fischer said in a review: “A pocket full of patriotism. He who would trade liberty for security deserves a smooth, hassle-free user experience.

“Freedom has never been so convenient”.

Another reviews reads: “Privacy no more! NSA now have bigger chance than ever to watch over all me and my wife activities 24/7. We have nothing to hide to the US government (FYI, I’m not resident in US at all), and I’m sure they will use this useful information about me to catch more terrorists (I don’t know how, but I’m sure they are)”.