Android and Blackberry refugees flock to iOS

According to a survey published by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, the number of new iPhone users migrating from Android and Blackberry is increasing.

In April, 38 percent of new iPhone customers came from RIM or Google platforms. RIM’s Blackberry has seen better days, so the trend is hardly surprising. However, the influx of Android refugees is a bit surprising, although it’s still not enough for Ban Ki-Moon to do anything about it.

Some 23 percent of new iPhone purchases came from consumers migrating from Android, up from 18 percent in February, reports CNN.

Users of feature phones made up 22 percent, while first time mobile phone buyers accounted for two percent. However, the survey did not reveal how many iOS users migrated to other platforms, probably because apostasy is still considered a capital offense in the Apple religion.

The survey also revealed a rather interesting trend in iPad sales. It turns out that the new iPad is facing rather strong competition, in-house competition to be precise. The old iPad 2 is still going strong and it accounted for 41 percent of all iPad sales in the US in April, while the new iPad accounted for the other 59 percent. As it turns out, two out of five iPad buyers were after value for money rather than a hi-res screen.