Amplicom makes ring tone for the deaf

Never mind the neighbours, Amplicom has developed a mobile phone which as as loud as a pneumatic and makes a vuvuzela sound as gentle as the morning rain.

Apparently the ring tone can reach 100 decibels which sounds absolutely no use at all unless you are catching the ancient Bulgarian train from Sofia to Varna or are deaf.

Amplicom said that the phone is designed for people who have jelly and biscuits in each ear and are a trifle deaf.

Its M6000 is designed with the elderly in mind with large, clear buttons and a lack of complicated features and an ear-splitting ring tone that can shatter concrete. Just the sort of thing that will make your Gran popular whereever she goes.

According to the Daily Wail the phone is compatible with hearing aids, but product manager David Youngs, who has hearing difficulties himself, says many people like to be able to make calls without wearing theirs.

Instead they just prefer to push the volume up and shout at the top of their lungs.

The standard earpiece volume of the M6000 goes up to 30dB, but a ‘boost’ function enables it to be increased right up to 110dB – louder than a motorbike or the average thunderclap, and almost as noisy as being at a rock concert.

The handset sells at £119.99 and according to the manufacturers is compatible with all UK operators except the 3 network.

Have they never heard of the vibrate function? It seems that the elderly have just worked out a new way to torture the young other than voting conservative.

“Sorry dear, you can come down off the ceiling now, it’s just my new ring tone. I don’t know who is calling me because I can’t hear them when they speak,  I am a bit deaf.”