AMD takes on Nvidia in a mobile battle

While Nvidia has had the field to itself as it tries to put its GPUs under the bonnet of Android phones, tablets, and netbooks, it seems that AMD is about to join in.

Digitimes  has been monitoring the job adverts and has found several AMD sponsored recruitment spots looking for engineers to create chipset drivers for Android.

MSI is marketing its latest tablet PC built using AMD’s Brazos APUs and the fact that such beasts exist indicates that AMD’s APUs have increased their presence in the tablet PC market.

AMD is reportedly recruiting talent for the development of Android driver software – which means it could offer notebook and tablet PC partners chipsets that support Android at later date, the sources noted.

However, due to strong sales of the iPad 2, Intel, AMD or Microsoft won’t pose a threat to Apple for at least the next six months, commented the sources.

It looks like the focus will likely be getting the mobile chipset into the tablets and netbooks but given the similarity of the technology it is pretty likely that they will end up in phones.

However as Nvidia has found out, it is not just about GPU into the phone. Samsung, Qualcomm and Texas instruments have good technology in the area and even Intel is working on an Android-ready chipset.

Nvidia however has a huge head-start in the high-performance mobile chipset market and will probably control the dual-core device market in the later part of the year.

AMD has a lot of ground to make up if it wants to catch up.