Amazon wants to create 3D smartphones

Word on the street is that the online bookseller Amazon is preparing to announce the next generation of smartphones.

The new phone will feature a 3D screen and users will not need to use 3D glasses to see it.

Apparently the rumour is that the phone will “employ retina-tracking technology embedded in four front-facing cameras, or sensors, to make some images appear to be 3-D, similar to a hologram.

Some common features, like zooming in to get a closer look at a photo, will happen automatically. The 3-D screen technology can sense the movement of a person’s eyes and whether the screen is moving closer to a user’s face. The phone can automatically zoom into images as it moves closer to a user’s face and could manipulate text and images as a person moves the phone.”

Amazon has already been showing early versions of the phone to suppliers in Seattle and San Francisco and a formal announcement is expected in June. The phones should be shipping by September with Amazon ordering 600,000 of them.

What is unusual is that this is Amazon’s first foray into the phone hardware market and it is coming in with technology that no one else has.

The outfit has been increasing its tech output lately. On April 2, it introduced the video-streaming and gaming console Amazon Fire TV and it has offered the Kindle e-reader since 2007.

The company has not said which service carriers the phone will work with, or what operating system it will use.

It will be certainly cheaper that what is out there for the money. Not only will Amazon be getting a subsidy from the carriers, it will also be subsidising the phone itself. The company is ok about losing money on hardware to get people to use its services and buy more items through the devices. Amazon thinks that using devices to highlight its video streaming service, app store, or shopping options means more returning customers.