Amazon surrenders to Apple and Jobs' Mob

Online bookseller Amazon has given in to Apple and removed a link in its iPhone and iPad Kindle apps that took customers directly to its online store.

Apple has been using its iPhone app rules to stop people visiting other stores than its glorious iTunes and to make sure that Jobs got a third of the cash made from an App sale.

By placing links within its iPad, and Kindle Apps, Amazon was not only taking users away from iTunes but meant it did not have to pay the 30 percent tithe to the fruity religion for using the app that they built.

According to Computer World,  all this has been a long time coming. Jobs warned Amazon in February that if it did not remove the link and pay up then it would be banned.

However Amazon was at the centre of those who claimed that Jobs’ demand for a 30 percent cut was extortion. Software writer Rhapsody had called Apple’s demand for a 30 percent cut of the revenue pie “economically untenable” as it meant that it would make no profit while Jobs made shedloads.

iPhone and iPad users who update their Amazon Kindle apps to today’s version 2.8 can buy books from their devices, but must open Safari and manually steer to to do so to make sure Jobs gets his cut.

Google has also complied with Apple’s new rules when it re-released Google Books minus an in-app purchasing button.

We wonder why people are not rushing to the antitrust authorities on this one. Basically Apple is using its market share to screw developers for any profits it likes.

If it did not have such a huge market share, developers would tell Apple to go forth and multiply. We guess that as Android takes off, users will start to realise the benefits and leave. At the moment, though, it appears that developers and customers have to do and pay what Jobs tells them.