Amazon nearly bought RIM

Investors in the troubled outfit RIM will be furious to discover that Amazon considered buying the company but was turned down by the two-headed monster which runs it.

Had Amazon bought RIM it would have meant its Amazon Fire would play nice with the Blackberry maker’s gear and RIM would have got exclusive access to content, which it is sadly lacking now.

However, the brilliant two-headed CEO leadership, which has taken RIM to such great heights this year, sniffed only vaguely at the idea telling Amazon that it “prefers to fix its problems on its own.”

Since Amazon made its offer, the share price of RIM has fallen below the value of its assets and seems to have gotten worse.

But still the board has been telling co-CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie to “set aside any options for a sale.”

According to PC Mag an outright sale or joint venture is not on the cards because the company is in such a sorry state.

Until the company is stabilised, others will be nervous about spending $10 billion or more. However, the fact Amazon did just that, when the price of RIM was even higher, only to be rejected will send shareholders into a spin.

Influential RIM shareholders like Jaguar Financial are sticking management to broker a sale of the company or else to break it up and sell it off in parts. It is not clear if the two-headed monster would be forced to go back to Amazon and say it’s very sorry.