Amazon could help save HP's bacon

The word here in Barcelona is that Amazon will take the Palm WebOS off HP’s hands, thus provoking a mini-revolution in the evolution of the tablet market.

Word on the Passeig of the Exit Strategy is that Amazon is probably only losing $10 or so off the price of its “Fire” tablet but is pretty good at overturning the conventional wisdom about what can, and what can’t be done.

It’s in a much better position than Apple of course – not only is it non-proprietorial but it also has loads of content – absolutely loads of content.

The big Q, of course, is what would Amazon do with WebOS? And the even bigger question for HP is that surely it could, if it wanted to, buy WebOS for next to nothing. But even if it did, what would it do with it?

Apple has really upset the upplecart with the iPad 2 but the concensus here is that those proprietorial days are done and dusted.