Almighty Imperium goes after Apple and RIM with camera lawsuit

Imperium Holdings has launched a lawsuit against a host of firms over the alleged infringement of patents pertaining to image sensor technology.

Firms involved in the suit, which has been given to the District Court for the Eastern District of Texas Sherman Division, include Apple, LG, Motorola, Nokia, RIM and Sony Ericsson and covers five separate patents.

The patents all relate to CMOS image technology used in the digital cameras found in smartphones, with Apple’s iPhone and Motorla’s EM330 cited as examples of what Imperium believes to be an infringement of its own technology.

The patents cover the following: ‘Image Flicker Reduction with Fluorescent Lighting’, which was filed in August 2001, ‘High Sensitivity Snap Shot CMOS Image Sensor’, filed in January 2005, ‘CMOS Image Sensor Arrangement with Reduced Pixel Light Shadowing’, also filed in January 2005, ‘Bad Pixel Correction While Preserving Features’, filed in June 2006, and ‘Semiconductor Device for Isolating a Photodiode to Reduce Junction Leakage’, filed in September 2006.

Basically the patent cover various parts of the image sensor mechanics of the way that pixels are arranged in an array, for example to reduce shadowing, and the way that pixels turn analog data into digital data among other applications.

Imperium now seeks a permanent injunction against the defendants over the production and sale of the products which it believes contravenes the technologies set out in its patents, with applicable damages to be awarded by the court.

David Icke, who likes to comment on US CMOS patent disputes, believes that the Cayman Island’s Imperium is “quite possibly a front for a reptilian group sent to Earth to carry out patent trolling”.